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Wightlink recommends the most tranquil places to visit on the Isle of Wight

(10 July 2019) Known as one of the destinations to get away from it all, the Isle of Wight is the ideal location for a relaxing weekend or short break and a place to escape busy or hectic lifestyles. From locations to sit and meditate in nature, to learning about the Island’s history and enjoying a walk with incredible scenery, the Island is perfect for a restful break. Plus, the Isle of Wight has recently been awarded with a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status, meaning that it is now recognised as one of the best destinations in the world to explore the sustainable way people interact with their natural environment.  

Passengers travelling to the Isle of Wight with Wightlink can also enjoy plenty of savings on both car and foot crossings, meaning there’s no reason to not escape to the Island this summer. Wightlink’s current special offers include 20% off summer holiday travel where visitors can save on mid-week car crossings from 23 July to 22 August.

Here are the top recommendations from Wightlink for relaxation, peace and tranquillity on the Isle of Wight: 

The Long Stone
The Long Stone at Mottistone is a 6,000-year-old set of stones laid in Neolithic times as a burial mound. The layout of the stones would have been significant to worshipping both the sun and the moon, which is why the Long Stone barrow is aligned from the west to the east. The stones hold a powerful connection to mythology at a time when nature was a huge part of worship. Visitors can walk across the site of the stones or alternatively enjoy a stroll at Mottistone Down, all of which is free to enter.

Quarr Abbey
Quarr Abbey is a Grade I listed building surrounded by beautiful grounds, walled gardens, woodland walks, an art gallery, library, teashop and a farm, which are kept and maintained by the Benedictine monks who live in Quarr. Admission is free and voluntary donations can be made to the abbey. Plus, visitors can sample the delicious home cooked food at the tea and farm shop, most of which has been prepared from Quarr Abbey’s organically grown allotment produce.

Appuldurcombe House
Built in the 18th Century, Appuldurcombe House is a Baroque style house with beautiful grounds and a fantastic place to visit for a day out. Much of the house was lost to bombing during the Second World War, but visitors can get a sense of polarity between the ruins and the parts of the house which are still intact. Entry is free and the house is open from Sunday to Fridays from April until October.

St Catherine’s Oratory
St Catherine’s Oratory is a medieval lighthouse on St. Catherine’s Down overlooking the dramatic coastline of Chale Bay across the south of the Island. It’s the second oldest lighthouse in the country and is rumored to be haunted. Whether visitors are believers or not, the spot is a wonderful place for a peaceful walk or meditation, as the downs offer some of the most beautiful views on the Island. Entry is free and the lighthouse is open during daylight hours. 

Woodlands throughout the Island
The Island has a total of 1614 hectares of ancient woodland and some of the most scenic include Firestone Copse, with paths that lead down to the river for a spot of quiet reflection, the majestic ancient woodlands at Kemphill Moor Copse near Bouldner, and Parkhurst Forest in Newport – home to some of the Island’s red squirrel population. These woodlands are perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and taking a gentle walk.

With plenty of places to relax, meditate and enjoy some peace and quiet on the Isle of Wight, there’s no better time to book a short break to the Island. And travelling with Wightlink means passengers can enjoy special offers as well as ease of crossing with seamless train connections from London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour. Foot passenger tickets start from £17.00 per person (based on the Portsmouth to Fishbourne route on 23 July 2019) and from £53.75 by car. Find out more at www.wightlink.co.uk.


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