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Wight to Orkney, Wightlink Ferries support pioneering archaeological research

By 18/07/2016July 21st, 2016British Isles, Press Release, Wightlink

Wightlink Ferries are supporting Isle of Wight student archaeologist Katy Bell as she travels to the Orkney Islands this summer to investigate how people in both places changed from being hunter gatherers to prosperous farmers, 6,500 years ago.
Katy will be driving more than 700 miles from her home in Cowes to join an excavation at the Ness of Brodgar, a site slightly older than Stonehenge, on the Orkney mainland. The journey will start on a Wightlink ferry between Fishbourne and Portsmouth.
As part of her PhD research degree at the University of Winchester, Katy is examining the movement of people during the Neolithic period (New Stone Age). Axes from Cornwall and even the Mediterranean coast, where modern Italy is located, have already been found on the Isle of Wight and Katy wants to know how this compares to finds on the Orkney.
“Ness of Brodgar is within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I’m incredibly lucky to have secured a place on the excavation there but it’s a voluntary position so I’m very grateful for Wightlink Ferries for their interest in my project and their support,” she says.
“As the owners of Victorian Ryde Pier, we are very keen on history,” adds Operations Director Elwyn Dop. “We were fascinated to hear of Katy’s research linking the islands and look forward to finding out more about her discoveries.”
Find out more on her blog https://island2islandblog.wordpress.com/

Picture caption: Katy is holding a replica Mesolithic axe dating back 12,000 years, similar to some examples found on the Isle of Wight.
For more information, contact Karen Woods 07775 694266 [email protected]