The kids are alright

Children’s play areas, video games, live music, cabarets, DJs and quizzes, cinemas showing the latest movies, even swimming pools. Are we talking theme parks? No, we’re talking ferries. There’s so much fun to be had for kids on ferries these days!

We all know that children can be restless travellers, but if any method of travel was specifically designed with children in mind, it’s ferries. After the excitement of boarding, kids get the opportunity to explore, unshackled from their designated seat. They can stretch their legs on deck, spotting islands as they pass by, seeing all sorts of seabirds and, if they’re lucky, they can even spot dolphins. Below deck many ferries have a huge range of activities to make their journey engaging and enjoyable.

There is so much choice for children on modern ferries. It makes for a relaxing journey when you know that they are enjoying themselves on a ferry that has been specifically designed with them in mind.

Even though there is a fantastic choice of food on most ferries, if your child is the fussiest of fussy eaters, it’s not a problem, you can just bring your own food. The beauty of ferry travel is that you get to decide what happens during the journey. As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that! Taking your kids on ferries is the perfect way to travel.

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