Something to eat

Ferry operators know that when people chose to travel with them, they are often taking a much-needed break on a much longer journey. They know that weary travellers will need to eat and drink and ferries provide some fantastic options to do just that. Food on ferries has been transformed over the last few years and there is now truly something for everyone.

This is where ferry travel has a great advantage over other transport options. You’re on your way but you also have the chance to relax, eat, drink, socialise, meet fellow travellers at a choice of restaurants and cafes. You can even catch up on the latest news and sports via onboard TV screens. Many on board restaurants also have panoramic windows providing spectacular sea views – that’s not something you get every day!

From full service restaurants focused on delivering locally sourced ingredients, bars and lounges for you to unwind and socialise to cafe bars that provide quick snacks and a caffeine boost, ferries can provide for all your culinary needs while they do the hard work and keep you moving towards your destination.