How much can you take?

One of the challenges of going on holiday is deciding what you can pack and what you have to leave behind. This leads to some stressful conversations and compromises that can really affect your enjoyment of your holiday. So let’s talk luggage allowances and overhead lockers. On second thoughts, let’s not. They usually don’t exist on ferries. How much can you take on a ferry? Normally, whatever you can fit in!

Packing for a holiday, whether it’s a skiing trip to the Alps or a touring holiday of Ireland’s Atlantic coast, we all know that you need to take the supplies that will make your trip enjoyable. When you travel by ferry, you can take everything that fits in your car. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t fit in your car and you use a roof-box, ferries easily can accommodate that too. Travelling by ferry means that you do not have to make the difficult decisions on what to leave behind. Simply pack it all in (or on) the car, head to the port and you’re good to go!

How much can you take on a ferry? It’s totally up to you!

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