How much can you bring back?

When we’re travelling and exploring new countries and destinations, we all love to bring back souvenirs of our trips. However, if you’re flying, you have to be really careful about going over your baggage allowances. This can be pretty stressful and means that you end up leaving things behind. How much can you bring back on a ferry? Well, you’re only limited by the space you have in your vehicle and, from January 2021, by the UK customs allowance. Otherwise, if you can pack it in, you can bring it back!

This is especially true when travelling in Europe and you’ve just had an amazing wine tasting experience in Bordeaux or you have just sampled the best camembert that you have ever tasted in your life. From January 2021 you will be able to bring back 24 bottles of wine per person and up to £390-worth of other goods for your own use, through UK customs.  If you can fit it in your car, you can bring it back on a ferry. There’s no tough decisions to make, no sweating over excess luggage charges, just brilliant memories of your adventure. That’s what makes travelling by ferry the most flexible transport you can use to get to your holiday destination.

Just make sure that everything you bring back complies with the rules and regulations and you’re all set!

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