Group travellers

It’s always a lot of fun when you travel with a group of friends or family. It’s also really frustrating if you can’t get together and socialise on your journey. With ferries, you can. Once on board, your group can meet up in a restaurant, bar, lounge, cafe or in the sun up on deck. Ferry travel is perfect for group travellers.

The restrictions that exist in other transportation options are just not present on ferries. If you all want to get together, spread out the map on a table and grab some coffees and sandwiches while you plan the next leg of the journey, you can do just that. And all the time, the ferry is delivering you to your destination.

Ferry travel is ideal for groups, as ferries do not suffer from the restrictions placed on travellers using other methods of transport. Ferries offer freedom and flexibility and the chance for you to do the journey your way. They are a perfect place for family members to meet up, chat, laugh, relax and plan the onward journey.