A home from home

One of the best ways to explore the British Isles, Ireland or mainland Europe is by taking your caravan on a ferry and having your home from home with you at all times. This means that you choose where you go and how long you stay. Ferry travel enables you to build a holiday itinerary that is tailor made for you.

Most ferries easily cater for this kind of traveller and are well used to loading cars, caravans and trailers onto their decks. If you’re a bit nervous of the loading process with your caravan, there are always experienced staff on hand to help. Taking your caravan on a ferry is a simple process and opens up a world of holiday possibilities.

Ferry travel provides you with a gateway to a totally customisable holidays where you are firmly in charge. Whether you are heading for beaches, rugged coastline, mountains or rolling countryside, embarking with your caravan or trailer tent opens up endless possibilities before you. What are you waiting for, pack up everything you need, get your caravan on a ferry and head out to explore the open road.