Ferry Pet Facilities

When travelling by ferry your holiday starts as soon as you board and we want all members of the family to have a great experience, including your pets. Dogs, cats and ferrets can all travel by ferry. Facilities will vary per route and vessel, so we advise you to research which facilities are available before booking. Of course, guide dogs and assistance dogs travel free-of-charge and have access to all areas of the vessel.

Pet-friendly Cabins

Pet-friendly cabin on Stena Line

Pet-friendly cabins have laminate flooring and are usually situated next to an outside deck space where you can exercise your dog. Cabins usually accommodate up to two pets. Pets need to be carried from the car in a travel carrier through the public areas of the ship to get to the cabin. Dogs can be led to the cabin on a leash and may also need to be muzzled when travelling from the car deck to the cabin.

Route (from UK)Ferry operator
Channel IslandsCondor Ferries
FranceBrittany Ferries
IrelandStena Line
Isle of ManIsle of Man Steam Packet Company
NetherlandsDFDS, P&O Ferries, Stena Line
SpainBrittany Ferries
Route (from Ireland)Ferry operator
FranceBrittany Ferries, DFDS, Stena Line
SpainBrittany Ferries

Pet Lounges

Pet lounge on P&O Ferries

Pet lounges / pet zones are dedicated spaces on board where you can enjoy the journey in comfort together with your pet. These are often connected to outside deck space where you can exercise your dog. Depending on the operator and vessel the pet lounge may be restricted to dogs only and your pet may need to be in an pet travel carrier or crate, or on a lead.

RouteFerry Operator
FranceP&O Ferries
Isle of ManIsle of Man Steam Packet Company
Isle fo WightRed Funnel, Wightlink
RouteFerry Opererator
ScotlandCaledonian MacBrayne
Scotland-Northern IrelandStena Line

Passenger Services

Dog alighting from Hovertravel

On passenger only services well behaved pets and their owners are welcome on board. Pets can remain in a pet travel carrier under or next to your seat or can remain on a lead. Where there is an outside deck dogs are welcome outside on a leash.

RouteFerry Operator
Isle of WightHovertravel, Red Funnel
Isles of ScillyIsles of Scilly Travel
LondonUber Boat by Thames Clippers

Onboard Kennels

Kennels are available in different sizes and should be booked in advance. Kennels may not be accessible during the journey, unless there is a visiting schedule or you are accompanied by a member of crew. Some kennels are air-conditioned and may have a web cam facility so you can check in on your pet.

Route (from UK)Ferry operator
FranceBrittany Ferries, DFDS,
IrelandIrish Ferries, Stena Line
Isle of ManIsle of Man Steam Packet Company
NetherlandsDFDS, P&O Ferries, Stena Line
Route (from Ireland)Ferry Operator
FranceBrittany Ferries, Irish Ferries, Stena Line
SpainBrittany Ferries

Stay-in vehicle

The most popular option if you are bringing your vehicle on a short crossing. Your pet stays in the familiar surroundings of your own vehicle for the duration of the journey. You’ll need to leave the window open for fresh air, have a spill-safe water container accessible for your pet to drink and absorbent bedding.

RouteFerry operator
Isle of WightRed Funnel, Wightlink
Netherlands*DFDS, Stena Line
ScotlandCaledonian MacBrayne
*Not recommended for dogs
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