Covid-19 Sail Safe

In response to the Covid-19 health situation, ferry and port operators have added additional safety and hygiene measures and protocols. These vary by service so please visit the operator’s website to find out which Covid safety measures they have in place.

All COVID-19 travel restrictions to countries accessible via ferry from the British Isles have now been lifted, however, no travel is risk-free during COVID-19. Countries may bring in new rules at short notice, for example due to a new COVID-19 variant.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you may need to stay where you are until you test negative. You may also need to seek treatment there. Be aware of what your insurance will cover you for.

When booking

  • We recommend booking flexible tickets, which you can change if you, or a member of your travel party, is unwell or unable to travel.
  • Consider booking your own private cabin for the duration of the sailing, if available on that service.

Before travelling

  • If you are unwell, please stay at home. Do not travel.
  • Check if there are any Covid safety restrictions in the country that you are going to. For example, some countries require face coverings on public transport and in public buildings such as hospitals and pharmacies.

During the sailing

  • Wash hands regularly, use hand sanitisers and follow all crew instructions.
  • Take advantage of the spacious lounges and fresh air that most ferries offer or stay in your own private cabin.
  • We recommend paying by contactless payment methods on board.
  •  Consider wearing a face-covering when walking around public spaces.

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