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How to travel by ferry


  • How do I get the best price?

    To get the best price for your ferry journey we recommend booking early and travelling off-peak.

    If you want to travel during peak holiday periods then consider sailing during early morning or later at night as tickets for these times tend to be cheaper.

  • How far in advance of my crossing do I need to arrive at the port?

    This will depend where you are sailing to and how you are travelling and varies per operator.

    There will be different check in times for foot, vehicle and Rail and Sail passengers. Check in times will be included in your booking information and on the ferry operator’s website.

    If you are travelling to the EU you may need to allow additional time for passport control during peak periods.  And if you are travelling with your pet you will need to allow extra time for their documentation to be reviewed.

  • Do different vessels have different facilities?

    Yes. Different vessels even within the same operator’s fleet will have varying facilities on board. Before you book check which vessel on your route of choice will best suit your needs and book that ship.

  • How much luggage can I take?

    When travelling with your own vehicle there is no limit on the amount of luggage you can carry in it.

    If you are travelling as a foot passenger some operators will have restrictions on the amount of luggage you can bring. Check the operators’ website for details.

  • Can I access Wi-Fi on a ferry?

    A large number of ferries offer free Wi-Fi on board for surfing the internet, emailing and social media usage. On some services it’s also possible upgrade to a higher speed internet connection for a small fee. On more remote ferry services it is not always possible to have an internet connection.

  • Are ferries equipped for disabled passengers?

    Of course! Modern ferries have been designed or adapted to suit the needs of disabled or passengers with reduced mobility, however some sailings have a restriction on the number of wheelchairs that can be taken. If you have specific requirements, check with the ferry company that you plan to sail with.

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  • Who do I contact if I have a dispute with a ferry operator?

    In the first instance you should contact the ferry operator and try to resolve your dispute directly with them.

    Please note that Discover Ferries does not have regulatory authority over ferry members. In cases where passengers have a dispute regarding Ferry Travel Passenger Rights, we recommend contacting the below organisations:

    ABTA is the Voluntary Complaints Handling Body for ferry services from England & Wales
    Transport for Scotland for ferry services from Scotland
    The Consumer Council for ferry services from Northern Ireland

    For England and Wales ferry passengers (excluding services operated, contracted and / or licensed by Transport for London) –
    ABTA Ltd
    Address: 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ

    For Scotland -Transport for Scotland (Scottish Government)

    For Northern Ireland – Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
    Address: The Consumer Council, Elizabeth House, 116 Holywood Road, Belfast BT4 1NY
    Telephone: 0800 121 6022, Text phone: 028 9067 2488

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