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The Wight Book celebrates Island Life

(10 July 2019) Hovertravel is part of a project to celebrate the Isle of Wight with the publication of The Wight Book – an independently funded, large format, hardback book which celebrates the unique, the innovative, and the dazzling of the island.

Christopher Scott, co-author, explains his vision: “Some years ago, I had an idea to make a film and to create a high-quality book to celebrate what is best about the Isle of Wight, what it excels at now, along with its aspirations for the future. Part advocacy and part artwork, The Wight Book is the realisation of that dream. Brian Marriott, my co-author, and I intended the book to be produced independently of any institution, showcasing the Island in pictures, words and opinions by people who care about its unique environment and sense of community. We wanted to present our history, innovative DNA and cultural flair – in particular our excellence in food production, opportunities for business and growing potential for quality in architecture and housing.”

Using the words of 22 leading figures across the island and ten highly talented photographers, The Wight Book showcases the Isle of Wight better than any previous book.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, adds: “We knew instantly that we had to be part of this project which focusses on the Isle of Wight. We promote this amazing Island every day and dedicate considerable resources to ensuring that we help to raise awareness of, and encourage visitors to, this very special destination. As a business which was born on the island, we are extremely proud of the Isle of Wight and are excited to see The Wight Book tell its story through a unique collection of words and pictures.” The White Book is available to purchase at Hovertravel’s terminals.

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Stephen Forster
Creative Director, SRF (Integrated Communications) Ltd 
T: 01252 850540