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Stena Line port achieves zero landfill target

Leading ferry company Stena Line has announced it has achieved its zero landfill target at Holyhead Port in Wales.

Stena Line has been working closely with Kevin Humphrey’s Waste Recycling Ltd to reach this landmark achievement which means that all waste generated by the Port and its visiting ships has been 100% recycled with nothing being sent to landfill.

Wyn Parry, Stena Line Port Manager at Holyhead commented:

“We are delighted that we have achieved our zero landfill target and have made huge progress in our commitment to caring for the environment.

“The Holyhead Port handles approximately 55 tonnes of waste per month so it is very important to us that we deal with it in a responsible way,” Wyn added.

The waste is segregated into different waste streams which then go to different recycling plants. Plastics are sent to Deeside and Warrington where the hard plastic is processed to make car dashboards and the soft plastic is recycled to make children’s toys.

Glass is recycled at Ellesmere to become double glazing, wood is shredded and compacted into logs and food waste is processed and then sent to a bio-waste power plant located in St Asaph.

Along with recycling within the UK itself approximately 15% of the waste generated by the Port is baled and sent by sea to Denmark and Sweden where it is converted to heat and power.

For more information on Stena Line go to www.stenaline.co.uk


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