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Revealing survey puts you on the right road

By 29/06/2016July 5th, 2016Ireland, Press Release, Stena Line

Summer is here and as thousands of people across the UK get ready for their driving holiday, a new survey reveals some interesting facts and useful tips to make the journey more enjoyable.

The revealing survey, carried out by Norm for Stena Line, shows that 69% of UK residents book their accommodation in advance and 65% put together an itinerary of routes and places to stop.

Preparation was huge for people from the UK with only a disorganised 2% saying they do no preparation at all and 44% said that they research different types of activities.

When it comes to in-car entertainment for the journey, 32% of respondents said that they make music playlists and 12% said that they make sure they’ve got audiobooks and podcasts.

The music people like to listen to is also revealing – UK holidaymakers prefer pop music (48%), like Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake, with rock music, like ACDC and Def Leppard, coming second (41%).  However musical tastes are varied with 3% saying they listen to Eurovision songs and 5% choosing Trance music.

Diane Poole OBE, Head of PR and Communications for Stena Line, said:  “Sometimes it feels as though the planning never ends, or that you have to prepare everything down to the tiniest detail.  This is great but the beauty of a car-cation is that you can also be spontaneous so my top tip would be to leave time in your schedule for unplanned stops.  Simply ask the locals for their best restaurant tip or a sight you absolutely mustn’t miss and really have fun on your car holiday.”

Stena Line’s tips for a successful driving holiday:

  • Accommodation: If you’re only staying for a few nights, it’s worth making sure your accommodation isn’t too far from the main roads.
  • Itinerary: However much you plan down to the smallest detail, it doesn’t always work out that way. Try not to get stressed or see it as a failure if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Maybe you’ll experience something you’ll never forget instead.
  • Activities: Popular destinations often mean long queues at attractions but this can be avoided by buying tickets online in advance, and don’t forget to join the right queue once you get there.

For further information on Stena Line visit www.stenaline.co.uk or call 08447 707070.


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 Stena Line’s Self-Drive Holiday Report 2016

Below are some of the statistics from the Self-Drive Holiday Report 2016.

About the survey: Nationally representative survey carried out by Norm in March 2016.

1 000 people aged 18–65 answered the questions via a web panel.

How do you prepare for a driving holiday?

Book accommodation in advance 69%
Put together an itinerary with routes and stopping places 65%
Research different types of activities 44%
Service the car 38%
Check the traffic regulations 38%
Make playlists with music for the journey 32%
Download informative mobile apps (e.g. guides, translations, currency converters) 20%
Book/check restaurants in advance 20%
Make sure I have audiobooks and podcasts 12%
Draw up a precise budget 11%
Download entertaining mobile apps (e.g. games) 8%
Get in the mood with road movies 4%
Don’t prepare at all 2%
Don’t know 5%
Other 1%


What type of music do you prefer to listen to on a driving holiday?

Pop 48%
Rock 41%
Indie 25%
Classical 18%
R&B 16%
Country 16%
Soul 15%
Blues 12%
Jazz 11%
Reggae 11%
Hiphop 11%
Metal 9%
Romantic 8%
Punk 7%
Funk 7%
House 7%
Dance bands 6%
I don’t listen to music 6%
Trance 5%
Latin 3%
Eurovision 3%
Children’s music 2%
Don’t know 5%
Other 5%