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Budget Traveller – ferry best value holidays for 2022

By 15/02/2022News

(15 February 2022) Discover Ferries has teamed up with blogger and author, Kash Bhattacharya, to highlight the ‘ferry best’ value holidays.

Kash has been travelling in style on a budget for a decade and shares his experiences via his award-winning blog, Budget Traveller.  In partnership with Discover Ferries, he has compiled his top tips for saving money on your next trip and discusses his favourite ferry destinations.   

From exploring the historic Isle of Man and the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to discovering Dublin’s famed poetry and sampling Normandy’s mouth-watering seafood, Kash’s recommendations will inspire your next trip and show you that great holidays can be enjoyed on any budget.

9 of the ‘ferry’ best value holidays from UK