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Blogger of the Month – Vicky Philpott

By 05/02/2019January 28th, 2020British Isles, News, Press Release

Travel blogger Vicky Philpott shares her passion for festivals and adventure travel in her award-winning blog vickyflipfloptravels.com. Discover Ferries interviewed her about another love – travelling be ferry.

What you like about travelling by ferry?
The best thing about travelling by ferry is being able to get up and move around. I hate being so restricted in cars, planes and trains. On a ferry you can easily use the toilet, have a wander, get a drink – all the good stuff. Ferries make the journey part of the fun. 

What was your favourite trip by ferry and who you would recommend it for?
I’ve travelled round the Greek Islands by ferry and it was fantastic. There was a group of us so we could sit up on the top deck and enjoy the sun with the breeze in our hair. It was fun seeing the islands on the horizon and then admiring them as they came in closer. I’d recommend travelling Greece by ferry to anyone. It was good value, easy to do and the scenery was incredible. 

Where you would like to go by ferry next?
As of 18 months ago Portsmouth is now my home, but I still haven’t been further than the Isle of Wight by ferry. The Isle of Wight is great, and I’m lucky to have it on my doorstep, but I’d like to travel over to France for a long weekend. It sounds so easy! My parents are travelling to Santander in April from Portsmouth so I’m interested to see how that goes. 

Any tips for people planning to go on holiday by ferry?
Have fun! If it’s a long journey bring a pack of cards, and make sure you bring all your essentials from your car. You’re often not allowed to go back down to it once you’ve left. Get a window seat, or relax on the top deck, and enjoy the journey!

To find out more about Vicky’s adventures read her blog and follow her on social media.

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