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Blogger of the Month – Suzy McCullough

By 06/03/2019January 28th, 2020France, Ireland, Netherlands, News, Press Release

Suzy McCullough is the author of the popular family travel blog ourbucketlistlives.co.uk – the blog has a strong focus on their family bucket list and bringing ideas and inspiration to other families. It shares a lot of days out ideas across the UK, weekend breaks in the UK and Europe plus a large section on Disney and also caravan holidays. Discover Ferries was delighted to get the opportunity to ask Suzy a few questions about her ferry travel experiences.

Why do you like ferry travel?

We lived in France for 14 years and I often travelled back to the UK by ferry. It was my favourite way of journeying home. I preferred it to flying because it took a similar length of time and I could take as much luggage as I wanted. Which was always a major bonus for the trip back home as I could take back lots of British produce with me. It also broke the journey up perfectly as I could relax on the ferry and catch up on emails.

What’s been your favourite trip so far?

My favourite trip by ferry was over to Ireland for a wedding a few years ago. The ferry had some great onboard facilities even with live entertainment to get you in the mood for our mini break. I’d love to return to Ireland by ferry some day. It’s a country I’m really keen to explore as I love getting outdoors and enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Where would you like to travel via ferry next?

We have recently moved to East Yorkshire which opens up a new possibility for us for ferry travel. There is the Hull to Rotterdam ferry that we have our eye on. It’s an over night crossing and Holland is somewhere that I’ve only ever passed through. They have a good range of facilities on board their ships and some very comfortable looking cabins.

Any tips for people planning to go on holiday by ferry with a family?

My main tip is to go on overnight crossings if the ferry crossing is 8 hours or more. It’s a long time to spend on board during the day. Plan the crossing time well, we like to cross by ferry around lunchtime for shorter trips so that there’s time for travel in the morning and afternoon.

For suggestions on caravanning and days out ideas check out Suzy’s blog and social channels.
Website – https://ourbucketlistlives.co.uk
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OurBucketListLives/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ourbucketlistlives/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/BucketListLives