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Blogger of the Month – Jennifer Howze

By 03/01/2019January 28th, 2020British Isles, News, Press Release, Red Funnel

For our first featured blogger of the month of 2019, Discover Ferries was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Jennifer Howze, co-founder of BritMums, the popular website and the UK’s original network of Parent Influencers, about her travels by ferry. Jennifer is a journalist and blogger, having written for The Wall Street Journal Europe, Travel+Leisure, The Times, The Guardian, Condé Nast, and CNN.com, among others. She blogs about “family travel with flair” at Jenography.net.

Why do you like ferry travel?
I love traveling by ferry first of all because the journey becomes part of the fun of the trip. You’re already relaxing, with up close views of the water, a chance to get a drink or something to eat and move around — that last bit is key with kids. You can explore the ferry and just relax together as part of the journey.

What’s been your favourite trip so far?
It’s hard to name just one favourite ferry trip! But I always love going to Isle of Wight. It’s a short trip but it always feels so friendly, with the expectation of a great family getaway once you’ve docked. There’s the beauty & history of Osbourne House, the nautical world of Cowes, the striking view at the Needles, the yummy Garlic Farm, plus the classic beaches. On one of my most recent trips I went with Red Funnel in its Signature Lounge, which made it that much more fun & relaxing. 

Where would you like to travel via ferry next?
For my next ferry trips I’d love to go to France, Holland and Scotland — I can’t name just one! I’ve always wanted to go to Cherbourg (inspired by the Catherine Deneuve film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”), return to Calais to explore the area of Pas de Calais via a 2CV or basically anywhere in Scotland to explore the countryside. 

To find out more about Jennifer Howze’s travel adventures with her family check out her blogs and social channels:
Blog: www.Jenography.net
Blog: www.BritMums.com
Twitter: @Jhowze
Facebook: Jenography
Instagram: @Jhowze