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Blogger of the Month – Baby Toddler Foods

Discover Ferries are delighted to have Libby, Isle of Man blogger and influencer from @babytoddlerfoods as our November blogger of the month.

Libby is a mum to two little ladies aged 7 and 5, living on the Isle of Man. She set up an Instagram page when weaning her second baby called @babytoddlerfoods where she blogged about the food and recipes she tried. Now her children are older she still blogs about the food she feeds them but also the adventures that she, her husband, the girls (and often her two grown-up stepchildren) get up to! 

We asked Libby to tell us about her recent ferry experiences sailing with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

What do you like about travelling by ferry?

As a family we love the convenience of travelling by ferry. Living on an island, it’s either plane or ferry to start any journey and for us the ferry is more fun and easier. The girls can have a walk around on the ferry and there’s far more room than a plane seat. We often get a cabin so they can lie down and read or go on their Kindles. Also having no luggage fees or limit on the amount you can bring is ace!!! There is also the option of taking your own car which isn’t available when flying. Although there’s lots of food available on board, it’s great to be able to take the food, drinks and snacks you want with you. If you’re lucky, when sailing through the Irish Sea you sometimes spot whales, dolphins and other wildlife, which the girls love.

Was there anything that surprised you when you travelled or that you didn’t expect? Or anything that challenged your perception of ferry travel when you recently travelled by ferry?

The weigh up between flying and sailing is the time difference. But actually it went really fast on the ferry and the girls far more enjoyed the luxury of being able to walk about rather than being confined to a seat for a shorter period. We recently sailed from the Isle of Man to Heysham to go on the train to Glasgow. It was a far easier and more convenient journey than the changes on the plane would have been. 

Where would you like to go by ferry next?

We’d love to go to Disney World Paris and I’ve seen friends take the ferry to France. It looks great fun! 

Any tips for people planning to go on holiday by ferry with a family?

I would say if you can pre-book a cabin then definitely do that. You have your own bathroom which is perfect when you’re with kids. Ferry travel is popular and the boat can get busy during the school holidays so it’s worth it to have your own private space. I also saw someone bring a travel cot for their baby on the boat to play in – top tip! What a brill idea. 

Any comments on travelling with the family / bringing your car / services on board etc

We bought the girls magazines and card games on board which we played with on the crossing and throughout the rest of the holiday. There’s lots of food and snack options available to buy on board too which is brilliant. If you book a cabin, bring the chargers for your electrical items in your hand luggage and charge them in the room. There’s a TV in there too! 

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