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Blogger of the Month – Andy Mossack, Tripreporter

Founder and Managing Editor of Tripreporter.co.uk, and an experienced ferry traveller to boot, Discover Ferries is delighted to have Andy Mossack as our blogger of the month for March. Having travelled recently with Brittany Ferries and DFDS, we asked Andy to tell us about his blog and his ferry experiences.

Tell us about your website: Tripreporter.co.uk

I created TripReporter as a platform for myself and other like-minded colleagues to be able write about the many destinations we find ourselves in that deserve a shop window yet don’t interest Travel Editors. Sometimes our discoveries are not what some editors are looking for, or they simply don’t fit a ‘brand’ destination. Other times they might be stories that have been edited down from their original state or perhaps, never in the end seen the light of day.

With TripReporter, the shackles are off and we can bring readers all the stories and destinations we want to, simply because we can!

That freedom has spawned a luxury consumer travel site with content from around the world written exclusively by 28 award-winning travel writers.  

-What is that you like about travelling by ferry and where have you recently sailed to?

Ferry sailings these days has become mini cruises in my mind. Cinemas, fine dining, and live entertainment makes you feel the ferry is part of your holiday experience.  I recently enjoyed an overnight to St. Malo on Brittany Ferries in a very comfortable cabin with a private shower. The main restaurant really surprised me though. A huge buffet that included seafood, salmon, some fantastic French cheeses as well as a glass or two of fine French wine tax free.   

Brittany Ferries self-service buffet

-Was there anything that surprised you, that you didn’t expect or that challenged your perception of ferry travel?

I found the whole logistics of the boarding operation fascinating. Huge articulated lorries, caravans and motorhomes, cars and bikes were all brought aboard without a single hiccup and found a comfortable berth. I also recall when I was stuck in traffic on my way to Portsmouth and getting there too late. As the saying goes; my ship had sailed. Fortunately, the ferry team put me on the next crossing without so much as a raised eyebrow. I remember thinking this would never have been possible at an airport and it changed my whole feelings about using ferries.

-Who would you recommend this mode of transport for?

I cannot seriously see who wouldn’t benefit from the experience. Families get a break from the road and the kids can explore and have fun. Couples get a chance to relax for a while and perhaps review their upcoming route, and best of all for me, there is nothing quite like seeing your destination slowly coming in to focus. The Channel Tunnel is a means to an end of course, but it’s 40 minutes of staring at a tunnel wall!

Where you would like to go by ferry next?

My next trip is a DFDS sailing over to Dieppe. I am writing a series of pieces on eating foods in the towns they originated in. So, can’t wait to eat Camembert in, you know where!

-Any tips for people planning to go on holiday by ferry with a family and a campervan?

If its an overnight, I would always recommend a cabin. I know it increases the cost but trying to sleep in a seat is not an ideal way to rest before a long drive and for a family of four, you can have a bunk each. Also, the size of the van can make a difference to the fare, so make sure you provide the right dimensions to ensure you don’t pay more than you need to.

How to find out more about Andy’s adventures and Tripreporter:

Website: https://tripreporter.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetripreporter/

Instagram: @tripreporter    https://www.instagram.com/tripreporter/

Twitter: @trippyreporter  https://twitter.com/trippyreporter

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/trippyreporter/pins/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/andymossack