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Wightlink resumes its FastCat Portsmouth-Ryde passenger service and weekend sailings between Lymington and Yarmouth

(27 November 2020) Wightlink is pleased to announce it is resuming services on its Portsmouth Harbour-Ryde Pier Head FastCat route and restoring weekend sailings between Lymington and Yarmouth – both from Saturday 5 December 2020. This timetable will continue through the holiday season and into the New Year.

Wightlink Chief Executive Keith Greenfield says: “We have reviewed our services following the Government announcement that the Isle of Wight will be in Tier 1, with Hampshire and Portsmouth in Tier 2 of Covid-19 restrictions, when lockdown ends next week. I am pleased that the forecast demand for travel has allowed us to resume our suspended services from Saturday 5 December and we look forward to welcoming customers on board as they make their preparations for Christmas.

“Under the leadership of Isle of Wight Council, cross-Solent operators continue to work together during the pandemic to keep the Island connected and supplies moving.”

The first FastCat will leave Portsmouth Harbour on weekdays at 07:15 (07:47 from Ryde) and the last at 16:15 (16:47 from Ryde). Weekend services will begin an hour later and end with the 17:15 round-trip from Harbour. FastCat tickets will be accepted on Hovertravel services which will run earlier and later as well as on Wightlink car ferries.

The Lymington-Yarmouth car ferry timetable will continue to be amended to support Island students who need to attend classes on the mainland with the first sailing leaving Yarmouth at 07:30.
There will be extra sailings on the Portsmouth to Fishbourne car ferry route from Monday 21 December to Sunday 3 January 2021 to provide extra capacity over the holiday season.