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Hovertravel’s Essential Lifeline Timetable for Easter Bank holidays

(8 April 2020) Hovertravel will continue to operate its Essential Lifeline timetable on Good Friday and Easter Monday, maintaining a Critical Community Service which is transporting key workers, including emergency services, and vital supplies across the Solent.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, explains: “Under normal circumstances Hovertravel would operate a reduced service on all bank holidays but our engineers, pilots and crew are keen to keep this essential lifeline open, appreciating that key workers will be working their shifts on these days.

Good Friday and Easter Monday will, therefore, have the same number of flights as the other weekdays in the current timetable.  We remind everyone that they should stay at home and only travel with Hovertravel if their journey is absolutely necessary.  Our Essential Lifeline Timetable is for key workers and vital supplies only.”

Hovertravel’s Essential Lifeline Timetable on Good Friday and Easter Monday will include the following flights: 0615 from Ryde, 0630 from Southsea, 0715 from Ryde 0730 from Southsea, 0815 from Ryde & 0830 from Southsea. Flights on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday remain unchanged. Key workers and anyone looking to transport vital supplies can view Hovertravel’s Essential Lifeline Timetable here