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Hovertravel reports record number of parcels onboard

(23 December 2020) Hovertravel is helping Christmas deliveries arrive on time, with the last flights on Christmas Eve operating as late as 2030 from Southsea.

Julie Horrocks, Head of Operations at Hovertravel, explains: “Whilst we are carrying many less people, we are seeing record levels of mail, parcels and packages, with increases of up to 64% compared to last year.  By flying customers’ presents and gifts on our ten-minute service, we are a great option for that last-minute online purchase.”

Hovertravel’s freight operation has been used widely through 2020, delivering everything from windscreens to time-limited pharmaceuticals. The partnership with Royal Mail which has been in place since 1978 and celebrated this year with the Royal Mail logo becoming part of our craft’s livery, has also reached new highs.

Julie adds: “The widely reported boom in online shopping has driven people to use our Shop, Drop and Hover service with customers using our Southsea terminal for their delivery address. We then transport the packages across, quicker than any other courier service.

For this Christmas, we ask that customers stay local, stay safe and let us fly your packages across the Solent.” 

Photo caption:  The most famous Christmas celebrity has been seen checking out our delivery service.