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Hovertravel welcomes groups back with Johnsons Coaches

(13 August 2020) Hovertravel has welcomed its first group visit with established coach operator Johnsons Coaches. Thanks to careful planning, the visit was conducted in accordance with all current COVID-secure guidelines being observed, giving the customers a private Hover Experience charter and several hours on the Isle of Wight.

Barry Cobb, Tours Manager, Johnsons Coaches explained: “This week we have recommenced our first day excursions since March! It has indeed been a very long road, but it is just simply wonderful to see our fantastic, loyal customers joining us again. We can think of no other finer way of celebrating this milestone than by sharing it with our friends at Hovertravel, who we have forged a great relationship with on their superb ‘VIP Hovercraft Experiences’ to the Isle of Wight. Throughout every step of the ‘re-opening’ process we have worked closely with them sharing our joint ‘Safe Operating Procedures’ to ensure the day runs smoothly and that everyone remains safe, secure and well whilst having a truly memorable day.

So, well done to the team at Hovertravel from everyone here at Johnsons for looking after our 32 passengers who travelled today, you’ve been GREAT, and we look forward to our next visit to you on the 19th August.”

Hovertravel is a sought-after experience for many coach operators, providing a unique flight across the Solent to visit the many attractions on the Isle of Wight. Hover Experience customers have their own private charter, complete with pilot commentary during demonstrations of the hovercraft’s capabilities and a detailed explanation of how the craft works.

Loretta Lale, head of commercial at Hovertravel, added: “It was very exciting to see Johnsons Coaches returning to Hovertravel. After all the essential lifeline travel, we provided during lockdown, we are pleased to be offering a fun experience once again.”