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Condor looks to the future for sustainable ferry travel

(13 April 2022) CONDOR has joined forces with a maritime consortium of technology businesses, public
bodies and academic establishments to develop a revolutionary, new electric powered ferry.

The company has become the operational partner of the Belfast Maritime Consortium, which is looking to introduce zero-emission ferries using innovative technology, currently under development by the Belfast-based Artemis Technologies.

The battery powered ships will use the Artemis eFoiler ® system, derived from the America’s Cup race series, which would enable them to fly above the water, producing minimal wake at high-speed and using up to 90 per cent less energy than some conventional ferries.

John Napton, Condor’s CEO, said: ‘Condor and our shareholder CTI are looking to the future and this includes exploring ways of reducing our carbon emissions and finding ways to provide more sustainable travel solutions. We are also acutely aware that international legislation may well impact all ship operators over the next 5-10 years so it is prudent to be involved in this exciting project now.’

‘As an experienced ferry company, we are happy to accept the invitation to join the consortium and help develop this technology for commercial use.’

Dr Iain Percy OBE, CEO and Founder of Artemis Technologies said: ‘The announcement that Condor Ferries is joining us in the Belfast Maritime Consortium is a hugely significant endorsement of the work we are doing and marks another milestone on our journey towards leading the decarbonisation of maritime.’

A pilot scheme is targeting a launch service in 2024 which would see Condor operate a commuter passenger route between Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and Bangor Marina. The anticipated journey time would be 30 minutes, providing a greener solution to commuters along one of the busiest traffic routes in Northern Ireland.

Condor Ferries joins consortium and will operate zero-emission pilot scheme in Belfast