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CalMac beats carbon footprint targets

(4 February 2021) The UK’s largest ferry company has exceeded targets to reduce its carbon footprint on the waters and islands of Scotland’s west coast.

Revealed in CalMac‘s second Biodiversity Duty Report, figures recorded before the first nationwide lockdown reveal that the operator achieved a carbon reduction of 6.5%, beating its target of 5%.

Klare Chamberlain, CalMac’s Environmental Manager, said: “We operate in a beautiful part of the world and protecting the environment in which we sail is a key priority, which is why we have set commitments and targets to achieve this.

“We have worked hard over the reporting period to normalise and embed biodiversity thinking across our organisation – setting key targets, actions and performance indicators within our Business Plan and Environmental Strategy.

“This report details our commitment to preserving the diverse surroundings in which we operate a lifeline transport service for future generations to enjoy.”

Achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • Exceeding the 5% carbon footprint reduction target ahead of the September 2019 deadline;
  • Significantly reducing single-use plastics (and now working towards eliminating them altogether);
  • Expanding the CalMac Ferries Marine Awareness Programme to include citizen science-led seabird surveys to increased scientific knowledge across our network;
  • Supporting a Hebrides Wildlife Officer in partnership with nature charity ORCA to engage with passengers;
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of biodiversity across our network including invasive non-native species, habitats and protected species;
  • Enhancing the website with biodiversity awareness resources and green travel options;
  • Recruiting a Waste Manager and a Fuel Manager to help minimise waste and to maximise fuel efficiency to further reduce emissions;
  • Getting involved in several beach cleans;
  • Working with the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (CoAST) and the Field Studies Council Millport to create an education area on the MV Caledonian Isles and MV Lord of the Isles ferries.

The report can be viewed on the CalMac website here.