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First LNG powered ferry arrives into Portsmouth

(24 March 2022) The UK’s first LNG-powered ferry arrived into Portsmouth in bright sunshine this morning 25 March 2022 at 07:00 am. Brittany Ferries Salamanca is the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered vessel to join the Brittany Ferries fleet, but she won’t be the last.  By 2025 four LNG ferries will call Portsmouth home, including two hybrid-electric vessels. 

“LNG-powered ships like Salamanca are a clear statement of our commitment to the future and to fleet renewal,” said Christophe Mathieu Brittany Ferries CEO. “They are cleaner vessels, significantly cutting air quality emissions like soot and sulphur. That’s good news for port partners today, but they could be even greener in the years to come. Salamanca is capable of running on future fuels like e-methane or bio-methane if these become available in volume. Either has the potential to cut carbon footprint significantly, addition to the cleaner air that LNG-power brings from day one.”

Salamanca will make two round trips to Bilbao each week. She will also make a weekly return-voyage to Cherbourg in France. All the while she will be powered by a fuel which promises a smoother, quieter ride for passengers, as well as fewer emissions from her funnel.