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People see their mum just 14 times per year on average, finds study

Holidays are best option for spending quality time together, say 66% of respondents  
With a study finding that people who are in contact with their mum only see her 14 times in total per year, Mother’s Day can’t come soon enough. The study, commissioned by Discover Ferries, the body representing ferry operators, also found that although 12% of people spend seven days or longer with their mum each time they meet up, 65% only spend a maximum of 12 hours per visit. No wonder that 74% of people think they should spend more time with their mum.

The leading causes for people not spending as much time with their mum as they would like are down to their own hectic schedules (according to 35% of respondents) and the distance they live from their mum (according to 34% of respondents). However, the scourge of the smartphone is also to blame – more than a quarter of respondents said they spend more time on their smartphone than they do with family members.

Technology has its merits too though – phones enable nearly a third of people to make contact with their mum 16 times per month or more.  However, time on the phone doesn’t compare with seeing mum in person and 66% of people think holidays offer a good opportunity to enjoy real quality time together.  Sadly 41% of people never go away with their mums though over the course of an average year.

Bill Gibbons, Director of Discover Ferries said: “Clearly, many people would like to spend more time with their mothers but sometimes that’s just not possible due to people’s schedules or the distance between them. Mother’s Day serves as a timely reminder of how important it is to spend time together.”

With more than a fifth of people responding that spending time together on a ferry is a good way to connect and 41% saying they think car journeys afford real quality time together, ferry breaks offer a perfect opportunity to catch up with mum.

“We know how precious holidays are for all families and all our members do their utmost to make the ferry journey the very start of the family holiday experience,” says Bill. “Unlike other forms of transport, a ferry journey gives family members of all ages time to stretch their legs, eat a meal together, share a cabin or even watch wildlife.”

Ferries offer people the opportunity to travel around the UK (to the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man, the Isles of Scilly and the Scottish Islands) or further afield to Ireland, Belgium, France, Holland and Spain, all for a low cost.

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