Last of Wightlink’s ships returns home after annual refit

Wight Sun sails home from Falmouth to Lymington 

The last of Wightlink’s ships has returned home after her annual refit, completing a six month programme of maintenance. The ferry company’s eight-strong fleet is now ready for Easter and a busy summer taking holidaymakers across the Solent and supplying the Isle of Wight. 

Wight Sun set sail from the A&P shipyard in Falmouth in bright sunshine for her home port of Lymington on Monday (27 March), her journey along the south coast took 15 hours. 

“Every ship and FastCat in our fleet has spent time in dry dock this season and they look magnificent,” says Wightlink Chief Executive Keith Greenfield. “Our engineers and crew take great pride in keeping their vessels in good order, ready to welcome customers.” 

Wightlink invests £6million in the upkeep of its fleet every year. One of the main tasks for Wight Sun’s refit crew of seven this year was to remove, refurbish and replace one of the ship’s propellers. They also used more than 700 litres of paint and anti-fouling for the hull to keep her looking smart throughout the summer. 

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