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Hovertravel staff help clean Ryde Beach

(12 April) Hovertravel staff started their beach clean initiative this week, with a team of seven staff working their way along the shore from the Ryde Hoverport to Ryde Beach.

Julie Horrocks, head of ground operations at Hovertravel, explains: “Following discussions with our teams and having identified a strong commitment to be more involved in keeping the local environment free of waste, including plastic, Hovertravel will be conducting a series of beach cleans throughout the summer.”

Equipped with litter pickers, eco-plastic waste bags and safety gloves, the beach cleaners spread out to search along the shore line for litter. A wide variety of waste was collected including the usual cans, water bottles, crisp packets and a large amount of unidentifiable plastic shards. The team also found frisbees, tennis balls and several lengths of wire and cabling.

Julie adds: “Keeping the seashore clean and collecting rubbish is one way in which Hovertravel can help the local community. Many of the items we found could easily cause injury to people at the beach or damage to boats on the water. We also recognise that with the popularity of the sandy beaches next door to us, we will need to make this a regular activity and we are actively exploring ways to reduce our own waste too.”

Stephen Forster
Creative Director, SRF (Integrated Communications) Ltd
T: 01252 850540