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Free Refills at Hovertravel

By 20/08/2019October 3rd, 2019British Isles, Hovertravel, Press Release

(20 August 2019) Following on from their involvement in the hugely successful National Refill Day which reached an audience of over 73 million on social media and trended on Twitter all day, Hovertravel has been promoting their Refill Station status to their customers.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, adds: “We started reducing our single-use plastic consumption by giving all our staff re-usable water bottles on National Refill Day and since then our teams have been explaining our commitment to offer free tap water refills to all customers who bring a reusable bottle. Also, to encourage customers to ask for refills, we are displaying the round, blue “Refill” sticker on our terminal windows.”

Hovertravel has also signed up to the interactive Refill app, which now has 160,000 downloads, and has digital mapping to tell users where their nearest Refill point is in real-time. Both Hovertravel terminals, in Ryde and Southsea, are Refill points. The Refill app currently lists more than 20,000 Refill points across the UK and is aiming to have Refill locations in every town and city by 2021.

Loretta continues: “We have always been aware of the importance of staying hydrated when travelling and have ensured that we promote drinking water to our staff and customers throughout the year. As a ferry service we also recognise that transport hubs are ideal location for a refill station, and that we could make a real difference to the problem of plastic pollution.” Hovertravel joins other major transport brands such as Network Rail, Heathrow Airport and Transport for London in offering free refills.