Holland is a great destination in which travellers can enjoy the cultural delights and idyllic countryside. Holland is compact and easy to get around, yet has very accessible road and rail links and is the gateway to Europe. Sailing to Hook of Holland allows travellers to explore the Netherlands’ world famous cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Delft. Travel a little further and they can enjoy Eindhoven and Maastricht which is conveniently situated at the crossroads of Holland, Germany and Belgium. Sailing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland also offers passengers the possibility to explore Germany’s northern cities such as Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen which are an easy drive away. It is also possible to drive to the Lower Rhine region from the Hook of Holland in less than four hours and visit Cologne’s world famous Cathedral and the valley’s beautiful landscapes and stunning scenery.

Departs… Arrives… Duration… Provider… Frequency…
Harwich Hook of Holland 6hrs 15mins Stena Line Year round

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