Take to the water this summer and have a
Ferry Big Adventure

After many months of staying home, we’re #ReadyFerryGo to take you on a much-needed holiday – as soon as your prefered destination is safe to travel to. Splash out and treat yourself! With over 80 routes to bucket-list destiniatons, plenty of space on board, and access to fresh air on deck, ferries are by far the most enjoyable way to get to your big adventure. 

For ferry passengers, the journey is always part of the adventure. From the anticipation of arrival and catching first glimpse of your destination to the elation of spotting marine life and the gentle motion of the waves, travelling by water is always a delight. Enjoy views over the water, a bite to eat or stretch your legs and, on larger ferries, catch a film, shop or relax in a private en suite cabin. We even take the stress out of packing, with generous (or non-existent) luggage allowances, including the option to bring your bike and your pets too. What are you waiting for? It’s Ready, Ferry, GO!

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