What impact will Brexit have on travel after March 2019?/Will I still be able to sail to European destinations via ferry from the UK?

Brexit will not affect the ability of ferries to sail between the UK and the rest of Europe.

Both the UK and the EU have clearly stated that they wish to preserve the existing arrangements for passport-free travel between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, so ferry travel across the Irish Sea should not be affected by Brexit.

The Government has also set out in its recent Brexit White Paper, published in July 2018, that it wants to make no changes to passport controls for travel between the UK and the Continent.  The EU has yet to declare its intentions in relation to passport controls on passengers travelling across the English Channel or the North Sea.

Additional point:

The Government made clear last year (in its Customs Bill White Paper) that passengers would continue to be able to transport goods such as food, drink and gifts from abroad for their personal use without needing to pay additional taxes.


Will I still be able to able to use my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Europe after Brexit/March 2019?

The recent Brexit white paper sets out the government’s ambitions for the EHIC scheme to continue to be valid for UK residents travelling to the EU.

We would always advise individuals travelling abroad, however, to ensure they have adequate private travel insurance, as the EHIC scheme does not cover all medical treatment and associated costs.

Here is a link for further details on what is covered by the EHIC scheme: https://www.gov.uk/european-health-insurance-card


Will I need to apply for an International Driving Permit if I want to drive my car in Europe after Brexit/March 2019?

The UK government has stated that it wants to explore reciprocal arrangements for private motoring, but, in the unlikely event that you will no longer be able to use your Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence in Europe, you can obtain an international driving permit for around £5.50 from the AA (https://www.theaa.com/european-breakdown-cover/driving-in-europe/country-by-country) or from the Post Office.  This will be valid for 12 months and will allow you to drive throughout Europe.


Will I need a visa to travel to the EU post Brexit?

The UK Government has proposed that no visa should be needed for UK citizens to visit the EU and EU citizens to visit the UK for leisure or short-term business trips.  The EU, however, has yet to declare its intentions.


Will I still be able to take my pet on holiday with me after Brexit/March 2019?

Yes; the current EU Pet Travel Scheme is not limited to EU countries and we believe it is likely that UK will remain in it, meaning that the current pet passport arrangements would continue.

If the UK is excluded from the scheme, however, you will still be able to take your pet away with you, but they may need a different certificate for travel.

Click here for further information on the current PET Travel Scheme: http://apha.defra.gov.uk/external-operations-admin/library/documents/exports/ET159.pdf

Click here for advice on travelling safely with your dog: https://www.discoverferries.com/thinking-taking-dog-holiday/


Will there be long queues at ports after Brexit/March 2019?

You should not experience any additional checks or longer waiting periods at border controls than are currently in place if the Government’s preference for visa-free travel for leisure and short-term business trips set out in its recent Brexit White Paper is agreed.

Port and ferry operators work hard to ensure that passengers have a quick and painless journey through their ports. It is worth noting, however, that Ferry ports are always busier during the holiday season and we recommend that you check with your ferry operator for advice on how early you should arrive for your sailing.


Will we soon be able to benefit from duty free shopping?

There has been some discussion around the reintroduction of duty free shopping once the UK has exited the EU, but nothing has yet been announced on this by the government or by the EU. We do expect, however, for all passengers to continue to be able to transport food, drink and other goods for their personal use across the border with the EU without the need to pay any additional tax.


Will my European driving insurance continue to be valid post Brexit?

You will need to check with your insurance provider to see what is included in your policy.

Will mobile phone charges increase post Brexit?

This is not yet clear, although the Government has set out its ambition for a joint commitment to an open and liberalised approach to public telecoms services and networks.