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P&O Ferries has best July for tourists on the English Channel since 2015

P&O FERRIES today reports the best tourist carryings for a July on the English Channel in three years, with the hot summer weather inspiring more people to travel between Britain and the Continent by ship.


The integrated ferry and logistics company carried 161,468 cars between Dover and Calais during the month – a 4.5 per cent increase on the previous year and the highest July volume since 2015.


Janette Bell, Chief Executive of P&O Ferries, said: “More people started their summer holiday by taking a P&O ferry across the English Channel in July, with our outstanding on-board offer and the glorious summer weather proving an irresistible combination.”


“We have been able to handle these high volumes because of our continuing investment in the Spirit-class of ships which have helped to transform our customers’ experience of cross-Channel travel. The Spirit of Britain and Spirit of France are both capable of carrying 2,000 passengers, twice the capacity of a standard ferry, whilst offering first class food, shops and entertainment.”


“It is often said that we are moving to an ‘experience economy’ where memories become the product. Imagine you and your family travelling on one of our ships in the glorious sunshine against the backdrop of the glistening blue sea and you get a sense of what a trip with P&O Ferries has to offer this summer.”


Last month P&O Ferries launched a new ‘grab and go’ menu on its English Channel ships which is designed to put fresh, high quality, seasonal food at the heart of the customer experience. It also launched a mobile app which means that customers no longer have to use any paper for their tickets.


P&O Ferries is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics company, sailing 27,000 times a year on eight major routes between Britain, France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and Belgium. It operates more than 20 vessels which carry 8.4 million passengers and 2.3 million freight units annually.


Together with its logistics division, P&O Ferrymasters, the company also operates integrated road and rail links to countries across the continent including Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and Romania. P&O Ferrymasters also owns a rail terminal in the Romanian city of Oradea, which facilitates the onward movement of goods to Britain from Asian countries via the Silk Road.


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