Why ferries?

Ferries carry over 39 million passengers a year, operate on more than 75 routes from and around the UK and offer unrivaled flexibility.

You want to take a driving holiday around Ireland? No problem, ferry travel is perfect for that. You want to take your caravan and your pet dog on holiday to France? Sure, that’s easy on a ferry. You want a break from a long journey where you have access to fantastic dining facilities? We’ve got that covered. Ferry travel is great value too when compared with flying and hiring a car, you can save money and travel in comfort.

There are so many reasons to take the ferry over any other form of transport. Have a look and we hope that you will be convinced to travel by ferry too.

Something to eat

Ferry operators know that when people chose to travel with them, they are often taking a much-needed break on a much longer journey. They know that weary travellers will need to eat and drink and ferries provide some fantastic options to do just that.

From full service restaurants focused on delivering locally sourced ingredients, bars and lounges for you to unwind and socialise to cafe bars that provide quick snacks and a caffeine boost, ferries can provide for all your culinary needs while they do the hard work and keep you moving towards your destination.

The kids are alright

Children’s play areas, video games, live music, cabarets, DJs and quizzes, cinemas showing the latest movies, even swimming pools. Are we talking theme parks? No, we’re talking ferries.

We all know that children can be restless travellers, but if any method of travel was specifically designed with children in mind, it’s ferries. After the excitement of boarding, kids get the opportunity to explore, unshackled from their designated seat. They can stretch their legs on deck, spotting islands as they pass by, seeing all sorts of seabirds and if they’re lucky, they can even spot dolphins. Below deck many ferries have a huge range of activities to make their journey engaging and enjoyable.

Even though there is a fantastic choice of food on most ferries, if your child is the fussiest of fussy eaters, it’s not a problem, you can just bring your own food. The beauty of ferry travel is that you get to decide what happens during the journey. As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that!

It's a dogs life

Nearly half the UK population has a pet. Shouldn’t they get to go on holiday too?

When you’re preparing to go on holiday, what you do with your dog is a major concern. You need to find a kennel you trust, and accept that the cost of them staying there is just something else to add to your trip. Then you spend the two weeks worrying that they are ok. And that they’ll still recognise you when you get back!

With ferry travel, you don’t need to leave your pets behind. On long journeys many ships have dedicated kennel space that you can visit throughout the journey; on hops across the channel, your pet can stay in the familiar surroundings of your car and on many short journeys they can even come up on deck to sample the sea air!

Ferries are pet friendly and that’s a big deal when we all know that your pet is one of the family!

Group travellers

It’s always a lot of fun when you travel with a group of friends or family. It’s also really frustrating if you can’t get together and socialise on your journey. With ferries, you can. Once on board, your group can meet up in a restaurant, bar, lounge, cafe or in the sun up on deck.

Ferry travel is ideal for groups, as ferries do not suffer from the restrictions placed on travellers using other methods of transport. Ferries offer freedom and flexibility and the chance for you to do the journey your way. They are a perfect place for family members to meet up, chat, laugh, relax and plan the onward journey.

How much can you take?

Luggage allowances? Overhead lockers? Not on ferries.

Packing for a holiday, whether it’s a skiing trip to the Alps or a touring holiday of the Pyrenees, we all know that you need to take the supplies that will make your trip enjoyable.

When you travel by ferry, you can take everything that fits in your car. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t fit in your car and you use a roofbox, ferries can accommodate that too. Travelling by ferry means that you do not have to make the difficult decisions on what to leave behind. Simply pack it all in the car, head to the port and you’re good to go!

How much can you bring back?

When we’re travelling and exploring new countries and destinations, we love to bring back souvenirs of our trips.

This is especially true when travelling in Europe and you’ve just had an amazing wine tasting experience in Bordeaux or you have just sampled the best camembert that you have ever tasted in your life. If you can fit it in your car, you can bring it back on a ferry. There’s no tough decisions to make, no sweating over excess luggage charges, just brilliant memories of your adventure.

Just make sure that everything you bring back complies with the rules and regulations and you’re all set!

On your bike!

You may have been inspired by the Tour De France, want to ride the tortuous cobbles of the Belgian classics or just want to travel around small islands with the wind in your hair. If you do, you’ll need to take your bike.

Cycling holidays have been become massively popular in recent years and ferries are the ideal way to get your bike there (because we all know that you can’t hire any old bike when you get there, it’s not the same!) Taking your bike across the Channel could not be easier. On many ferries, you can simply walk it onboard through the car entrance, lock it to the points provided, then relax whilst enjoying a daytime or overnight crossing. Unlike planes, there is no need to dismantle the bike to box it up, or to wonder whether it will arrive from the luggage hold in one piece, if at all.

Ferries are so bike friendly that they even suggest cycling routes and itineraries you can follow when you disembark. What’s not to love!

A home from home

One of the best ways to explore the British Isles or mainland Europe is by taking your caravan or trailer tent and having your home from home with you at all times. Many ferries easily cater for this kind of traveller and are well used to loading cars, caravans and trailers onto their decks.

This can provide you with a gateway to a totally customisable holiday where you are firmly in charge. Whether you are heading for beaches, rugged coastline, mountains or rolling countryside, embarking with your caravan or trailer tent opens up endless possibilities before you.

Somewhere to rest

There’s nothing better than arriving at your destination fully refreshed for the journey ahead. Whether you choose to sleep away the miles overnight, or enjoy comfort and privacy during a day crossing (when cabins are sometimes at a reduced rate) ferries can provide an unrivaled range of on board accommodation.

Ferries have luxury cabins with balconies and complimentary mini-bars and hot drinks, cabins for the whole family and even pet friendly cabins. All you need to do is make your choice, relax and watch the world pass by.